Fall brings autumn leaves, new school year excitement, and of course, the opening of the annual TCEA Educator Awards and Scholarships. Each year, TCEA recognizes exemplary educators who are doing the heavy lifting to implement technology, find innovative solutions, and create learning without limits. If you work in education, chances are you know someone doing incredible work. (And there’s no shame in admitting if that person is yourself!) It might be a teacher who is designing opportunities for engaged learning or a librarian who is creating amazement on a limited budget. Or it could be a campus tech specialist or an IT pro who makes your job easier every day by being a rock star at theirs.

Here is my personal invite to you to nominate the extraordinary educator or educators in your life!

These are the categories for the different awards and the forms to nominate someone.

Award Nomination Forms:

TCEA also awards three scholarships to undergraduate students and those already in the profession. Scholarship recipients are awarded between $500 and $1,000 based on the criteria of the scholarship.

Scholarship Applications:

Nominations are open from September 10 through October 28, 2018. I hope you will nominate one (or several) amazing educators today.