updated 04/29/19

Did you know that you can easily create a mobile app from one of your Google Sheets?

Glide is a service that lets you add information to a Google sheet, then quickly create an app from its contents, all without coding. Just pick one of your sheets and Glide assembles it into a polished app that you can customize, share with a link, and even publish to the app store.

Using Glide

It’s simple to use Glide. As a matter of fact, I can create an app in less than five minutes—and I know if I can do it, anyone else can. Follow these easy steps below:

  1. Go to the Glide website.
  2. Click on Create an App and sign in with your Google account.
  3. Click on New app and search for your Google sheet.
  4. Wait for your app to be created.

Customizing Your Mobile App

In addition, you can customize your app’s color, logo, and name. You can also create a URL for it. Most importantly, you can password protect it if you don’t want it to be public. If you need extra help, short, built-in videos will talk you through each step. In addition, the Glide Community Forum offers help and feedback on your apps.

Once you are done, you can share your app via its link or open it in a new window. When you do this, the app will appear on your web browser. You can view it there or  scan the QR code that is automatically generated. After scanning the code with your mobile device, add the app to your home screen.

mobile app

Cost of Glide

Glide can be used for free. With the free version, you can create unlimited apps and share them using a link. There are also paid versions that allow you to remove the Glide branding, as well as push the app out via Apple’s app store and Google Play.

Types of Apps Being Built

Many different types of app can be built using Glide, from school directory apps to school project apps. If you are looking for ways Glide is being used, check out these samples.

For instance, the Objectives app allows you to track objectives or goals in order to keep everything aligned. Another example is an Employee Directory app which helps locate people quickly. You can even copy and customize these sample apps to make them your own. On Twitter, #madewithglide showcases the amazing apps people are making.

Be aware that users must be at least 18 years of age to use Glide, according to Glide’s Legal Terms and Privacy Policy.

Updating the App

A great thing about Glide is the two-way connection between the app and the Google sheet. The app automatically updates from your sheet, so you don’t need to do anything for it to work: it’s automatic. This means edits and changes to your Google Sheet update quickly and without the need to relaunch the app.

Give It a Try

I challenge you to try to create an app using Glide. You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is! Got a great idea or an example of how you use Glide? Let me know in the comments!

To learn even more about Glide, listen to the podcast by David Siegel, in which he explains the history and ideas behind Glide and be sure to follow @glideapps on Twitter.